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Assessing student progress is an important feature of the education process.
At Brookhouse, assessment serves four main purposes:

  • It shows us what the pupil has achieved and helps us to decide where each pupil needs to go next to continue succeeding.

  • It helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses for each pupil.

  • It allows us to assess overall achievement at the end of a course.

  • It allows teachers to judge the effectiveness of each course and the breadth and depth of coverage.

    There was a time when assessment really meant tests, but today schools use a wide range of methods to assess student performance.  Formal tests are still used, but teachers also use homework, class work, research projects, field trips, practical work, discussions, role play and oral work to make assessments of student progress.

    Assessments are recorded in teachers' marks books, and students are awarded an overall level or grade in each subject every term.  These are then used to develop an academic profile for every student that gives us an opportunity to ensure that each student is achieving his or her academic potential.

    Formal written reports or grade sheets are given to parents at parent teacher consultations at the end of each term.


    Within our Citizenship programme, the Personal, Health and Social Education (PHSE) and General Studies lessons are an integral part of the educational process at Brookhouse.  Many social and health-related issues are addressed through specific subject curriculum, but we also use a variety of other strategies to promote the all-round development of the students.

    From Preparatory School to Year 13 students have a weekly lesson of both PHSE and General Studies with their form tutor or class teacher. A structured course is followed and topics covered include careers education, study skills, health and fitness, social and political issues, sex education and relationships.

    Awareness forums, seminars and workshops are held regularly and often involve guest speakers. On such occasions we invite experts in to school to lead workshops on various issues.  Topics addressed include alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, environmental and cultural issues, stress management and relationships, and careers education.

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