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Brookhouse boarding consists of two boarding blocks situated on the same site as the main school. Rooms in Block A house up to four students and in Block B up to six. Boys and girls are accommodated in separate blocks. All rooms are self-contained.

There are also common rooms, each with satellite TV reception. In addition to this all boarders enjoy the use of the swimming pool, gym, indoor sports centre, computer labs, libraries and the sports fields. Some of the supervised activities organised include talent shows, movie and theatre outings, and fun days.

All meals are served in the dining hall and the school provides laundry facilities. There are church services organised on Sundays for those who would like to worship. Matters of concern are raised through the boarding Student ‘Rikka’ Council.

A boarding assembly is held regularly to raise issues of concern and to congratulate students who have achieved in any areas of school life. Each student has a member of staff as their mentor. Mentors provide pastoral support for students and liaise with academic staff to ensure that each student is happy and making good progress.


  • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without permission.

  • Punctuality must be observed.

  • Possession and/or consumption of cigarettes or alcohol is prohibited. The smell of alcohol and/or cigarettes will be considered as evidence of breaking this rule.

  • Clothes must be labelled. The laundry will not accept unlabelled clothes.

  • Damaged property will be charged for.

  • Dining tables must be left clean at the end of all meals.

  • Students should refrain from unnecessary noise in the boarding house. No loud music in the rooms – use earphones. Only walkman and pocket transistor radios are allowed.

  • Students are not allowed to return to the boarding house during class time on school days, unless they have a permission note which is to be presented to the Boarding Office staff.

  • If lost property is not claimed by the end of each term, it will be donated to charity.

  • The Boarding house timetable should be observed.

  • Students must present themselves for roll call at specified times according to the boarding timetable.

  • Food is not allowed in the boarding house rooms.

  • Please do not litter any area of the campus.

  • Rooms, wardrobes and cabinets must be kept tidy. Random inspections may be carried out. Duplicate keys will be kept in the boarding office.

  • Telephone calls will only be received at prescribed times.

  • Students must not keep money in their rooms. Pocket money must be handed over to the boarding staff; a balance sheet of expenditure is sent to parents at the end of each term.

  • Visiting other dorms will be within limits and in the company of the occupants.

  • TV/ VCR, Tea urns must be switched off properly when leaving the common rooms. Also please turn off the wall switch.

  • Respect and courtesy is expected at all times.

  • Mobile phones must not be used in the classrooms, dining room, assembly, library or computer rooms.



  • 6 sets of tops and trousers or skirts or dresses

  • 6 sets of inner wear (minimum)

  • 4 sets of casual socks

  • 1 jacket

  • 1 sweater

  • 1 pair of casual shoes

  • 1 pair of bathroom slippers

  • 1 dressing gown

  • 2 pajamas / night dresses

  • Linen

  • 1 duvet

  • 1 duvet cover and pillow case to match

  • 2 bathing towels

  • Toiletries

  • 1 face flannel

  • Bathing soaps

  • Sanitary towels as appropriate

  • Tooth brush and paste

  • Lotions, creams, etc.

  • Others

  • 3 sets of small combination padlocks

  • 10 coat hangers

  • 1 weather proof jacket

  • 1 laundry bag

  • 1 sleeping bag

  • 4 Passport pictures

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