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Integrating the Round Square IDEALS into Learning through the Citizenship Award at Brookhouse School

The Brookhouse Citizenship Award merges the approaches to teaching and learning, the philosophy and mission statement of Brookhouse School, the Round Square IDEALS and the President's Award objectives into a comprehensive overview of activities.

The Citizenship Award aims to:-

  • highlight and strengthen 'soft skills' for learners that are transferrable and specifically beneficial to curricular learning;
  • cultivate various aspects of intelligence, including the emotional, social and cultural, along with self-esteem and resilience, to enhance future university study, career and employability prospects for our learners;
  • encourage reflection in our learners as a life-long habit;
  • develop specific interests, talents and abilities in each of our learners.
  • Thus, the overall aim is for our learners to emerge as well-rounded individuals who are not only perhaps 'specialists' in certain chosen curricular areas, but also keen to rise to broader challenges throughout their lives and careers.

    The Award involves progression through three levels:-

  • The Bronze Award (at the end of Year 8)
  • The Silver Award (at the end of Year 11)
  • The Gold Award (upon Graduation, at the end of Year 13)
  • There is no singular route towards the Award. This ensures full inclusion of all students, as the programme is matched to each learner and their particular strengths and interests. The Round Square IDEALS are central to all routes in achieving the Award. They are explicitly tackled through the development of servant leadership skills, community service involvement, engagement in the processes of internationalism and democracy, adventure challenge and environmental stewardship, but for each learner this will be experienced in different and individual ways.

    The structure of the Brookhouse Citizenship Award is summarised below.

    citizenship award image


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