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The Boarding House at Brookhouse is one of the most highly respected in Kenya. The key to the success of this area of the school lies in the clear behavioural expectations, the wide range of activities on offer at weekends and the safe and nurturing environment that is created.

The school has capacity for nearly 200 boarders to live on site, all housed in purpose-built accommodation. There are separate wings for boys and girls, and the number of pupils in each room is usually four, sharing their own en-suite bathroom facilities. A dozen or more staff are also accommodated on site, to provide a high level of supervision and support for our boarding students. The Boarding House has its own student common rooms with satellite TV and other recreational facilities.

Younger children are accommodated in a separate area of the Boarding complex. They have their own full-time boarding staff, and we attempt to provide a homely atmosphere for the children.

Every boarder is assigned a staff mentor who is responsible for his or her academic and pastoral welfare. The mentor groups are small and meet on a regular basis. The staff mentor is always available for private and confidential meetings with individual students.

During the week students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own time management, however a suitable schedule is arranged to ensure certain activities, such as homework are given priority. Homework or prep sessions are compulsory and are scheduled each evening, Monday – Thursday, and at weekends. Boarders are supervised whilst completing their homework in designated prep rooms.

Teaching staff also offer subject clinics after school for boarders in the periods leading to examinations, so that pupils may go over work they find difficult with their subject teacher. Computer facilities and the library are also open at designated times after school for the use of boarding students.

At weekends, a wide range of activities are available. These include many sports tournaments, cinema and theatre visits, trips to the Nairobi National Park and organised tournaments, such as scrabble, darts or pool. The swimming pool, gym and indoor sports centre are also available under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors.

Students are well supervised and it is absolutely forbidden for any child to leave the campus unless it is on an organised school activity. Security is deliberately tight and there are always gate askaris on duty. There is also security lighting and alarm systems linked to external security companies. The boarding complex is also fitted with smoke detectors.

The food provided to boarders is excellent and the students are regularly consulted about the menu.

The school Health Room ensures that a qualified nurse is always on duty to assist boarders with medical problems. The school also has its own bore hole which provides for all Boarding House water needs, and a large generator to ensure that we always have power.  


The Boarding House at Brookhouse is one of the most highly respected in Kenya. The key to the success....


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