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About NCUK

NCUKs 30 year history began in 1987 when it was formed to deliver a highly successful student transfer programmes in Malaysia. NCUK offer “pathway programmes” to students who wish to study at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the UK and globally.



If you pass your NCUK programme NCUK will guarantee you a place on a suitable programme at one of their partner universities. The entry criteria for each of our universities varies, so where you are placed will depend on how well you do in your exams. The better you perform, the greater chance you have of getting a place at your first choice!


NCUK has been working with international students since 1987. They work in partnership with our 11 founder Universities to help international students achieve a place on a UK degree programme. NCUK deliver pathway programmes that allow you to gain the skills and qualifications needed to enter a UK university. NCUK are a unique organisation because we were founded by 11 leading UK universities – which means that they have your best interests in mind not our profits. Because of this relationship, NCUK can guarantee you entry onto nearly 3,000 degree programmes in the UK. You can choose the programme and provider that are right for you.


The majority of our programmes are delivered in-country. This means that you can stay in your home country while you study, before coming to the UK. Depending on the programme you take, this can be a substantial saving. As well as money, you can also save time – our International Foundation Year can be completed in nine months (as opposed to the Cambridge A-level two year duration), which again means that you can minimize the time spent before starting your studies and your career. Combined with our competitive prices, this makes an NCUK programmes a compelling proposition.


NCUK have a strong history extremely proud of our long history, and the achievements of the students who we’ve helped to realise their ambitions. You can be sure that if you enroll on one of our programmes, you have the very best chance of getting into your chosen university – in fact 90% of our students get into their chosen university


All of our programmes are created in conjunction with our founder universities, and all of them are designed to give you the skills you need to get your UK studies off to a flying start. Our programmes are obviously recognized and accepted by our universities, but the majority of universities around the world also recognize them. The IFY programme give you a globally portable qualification.


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