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Brookhouse staff are highly qualified professionals who are committed to the international focus of the school. The Brookhouse staff room is a mix of British expatriates, Asian and Kenyan teachers, all of whom have extensive knowledge of the British curriculum.
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A proper mid-day meal is cooked on the premises and is served to all students. A selection of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes is always prepared.  Meals are included in the fees. Students also have access to the school canteen.


The school provides its own bus transport network to and from a wide variety of locations around Nairobi at a reasonable extra cost.


Throughout the preparatory years teachers are keenly aware that a balance must be struck between academic progress through homework and the child enjoying a home life free of undue labour imposed from school. Homework increases as the child grows older. Parents should expect that an increased amount of homework will become essential during the period before examinations. At the secondary level, homework and private study become an increasingly vital element as the child progresses up through the school.


The school operates a five day week, Monday to Friday, and classes commence formally at 8.15 am. The Secondary and Preparatory schools follow their own timetables, designed to maximise teacher-contact time. Students are expected to be on the school premises by 8.00 am.


When a student is admitted to the school, they are placed in one of four Houses: Amboseli, Mara, Samburu or Tsavo. There are regular inter-house cultural events such as drama, debating and verse-speaking, along with inter-house sports fixtures and an on-going academic competition. Students in each House are appointed as House Captains and these provide positive opportunities for developing leadership skills. The House system promotes healthy competition and an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of events. Presentations are made at the end of each term, and major awards are made at the end of the school year.


At Brookhouse we recognise the importance of the pupil feeling comfortable within the school environment and that a child cannot achieve their potential academic success unless he or she is happy. For this reason each child is placed in an appropriate class on arrival and their first point of contact is the form tutor in the Secondary School or the class teacher/form tutor in the Preparatory School.


A comprehensive report and/or grade sheet is issued to parents at parent/teacher consultations each term. If parents are unable to attend, the reports or grade sheets are sent via the student and by post or e-mail.


The Brookhouse uniform is an integral part of the ethos of the school. It is compulsory, and each item of clothing must be clearly marked with the child's name.


The Boarding House at Brookhouse is one of the most highly respected in Kenya. The key to the success....


Brookhouse nurtures a culture of music appreciation and participation in our students from an early age...


The Brookhouse Art department provides an opportunity for students of all ages to engage in creative...


Sport is an integral feature of life at Brookhouse. The aim of our sporting programme is to allow pupils to...
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