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At Brookhouse we recognise the importance of the pupil feeling comfortable within the school environment and that a child cannot achieve their potential academic success unless he or she is happy. For this reason each child is placed in an appropriate class on arrival and their first point of contact is the form tutor in the Secondary School or the class teacher/form tutor in the Preparatory School.

The form tutor is responsible for monitoring all aspects of pupil progress. This includes administration, keeping personal files up-to-date and liaising with subject teachers to ensure that each child is achieving his or her potential in all areas of school life. The relationship between the form tutor and each pupil is a crucial one.

To support the class teacher and form tutor we have Heads of Year, who are in-charge of groupings of classes into bands that reflect developmental stages for the child:

  • Head of Early Years (Pre-School – Year 1) in the Preparatory School

  • Heads of Junior Prep (Year's 2 – 6) in the Preparatory School

  • Heads of Senior Prep (Year's 7 & 8) in the Preparatory School

  • Heads of Middle School (Year 9 – 11) when the pupil takes IGCSE courses

  • Heads of Senior School/Sixth Form (Year's 12 & 13) for senior pupils taking their A-levels.

    If any student has a problem of any sort they know that they can discuss it in confidence with their Head of Year who will act swiftly to resolve the problem. It is the Head of Year who contributes most to leaving certificates and writes vocational or academic references for students. If parents wish to discuss any aspect of a child's progress the Head of Year will usually be involved in the discussions. It is he or she who will know the child best and is in the best position to offer advice.

    There may also be occasions when students need the support of a school counsellor, who provides professional guidance on a range of social, educational, emotional and personal development issues. 

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