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Mrs Lea Gilbert

Head Teacher

BA (Hons), MA (Oxon), PGCE, NPQH

Mr Matthew Kithyaka


OGW, Higher Dip. HR, MBA, HR.

Mrs Puneet Hunjan-Patel

Leader & Teacher  of Early learning

Mrs Eva Kahara

Early Learning Teacher

Mr Peter Martinsen

Subject Leader: Music

Ms Helen Bidali

Subject Leader: Humanities

Ms Monicah Githehu

Leader of Learning Support

Mrs Lisa Kariuki

Prep Class Teacher: Year 2

Mr Saning’o Martyn

Subject Leader: Sport and

Physical Education

Mrs Beatrice Ondogo

Administration Officer

Mrs Evelyn M Reinius

Subject Leader: Languages

Mrs Atieno Oluoch

Prep Class Teacher: Year 3

Lea graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Classics. Her 26-year career has taken her to boys’ and girls’ independent schools in the UK as teacher of Latin, Greek and Classics to A Level and then moved on to Senior Leadership. Lea achieved the National  Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in 2010. In April 2013, she became the founding Headteacher of Gildredge House in Eastbourne, a brand new school for students aged 4 to 19, which was judged Outstanding by Ofsted in June 2015.

Matthew has a broad working experience, spanning from High School teaching in Machakos, working in youth development with the President’s Award as Director for Kenya and later with The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association as Operation Director for Africa. Prior to becoming Administrator for Brookhouse Runda campus, Matthew was  the Director of Starehe Boys’ Centre & School.

Puneet has extensive experience of teaching in schools in Kenya. She also completed a Diploma in  Special Needs Education with the Kindergarten Headmistresses Association in Kenya. Over her 10 year teaching career, Puneet has worked with children between 1-6 years.

Eva’s early experience of working in a school that had inclusive education gave her the skills to quickly recognise and deal with children. She has over 20 years’ extensive experience in multicultural schools and this qualifies her to help cultivate tolerance, awareness, and respect for others in the students in her care. Eva has been at Brookhouse School Karen Campus, teaching the Early Learners Class for the last four years, with a particular responsibility for teaching 2– 4 year olds.

Peter graduated from The Royal Academy of Music, Denmark in 1999, and has many years’ experience teaching music  in Scandinavia. Peter moved to Kenya in 2008 and besides being a teacher, Peter has played an active role in the professional music industry,both as a musician and promoter in Nairobi while working part time as a music teacher. In 2015 he arrived at Brookhouse School, Karen Campus.  

Helen graduated from KHA and Froebel College in Early Childhood Education. She has extensive teaching and leadership experience across different age groups of which 15 years have been in Brookhouse. She has mentored pupils from Year 9 to 13 as a boarding mentor. She has been a house leader, curriculum co-coordinator, Head of Junior Prep, and leader of Young Round Square activities including organizing international trips for pupils in the Prep School.

Monicah is has experience in both the Kenyan education system (8-4-4) and the British National  Curriculum (BNC). She began her teaching career in 1998. Monicah had the opportunity to take on a leadership position as the Learning Support Department Head at her previous school.

Lisa has worked in British Curriculum schools. With the 5-6 years age group at her previous school as year leader for nine years. Lisa is richly gifted in Art and always looks for opportunities to bring out the artist in each child . She is caring and keen to ensure all learners are focused on meeting set objectives.

Saningo graduated in the UK with a degree in Physical Education, specialising in Athletics and Outdoor Education. Saningo has teaching experience both in the UK and in Kenya.  

Beatrice joined Brookhouse Schools in 1998 and since then she been working mainly in the Accounts Department.


Evelyn has been a language teacher for over 10 years, teaching the British Curriculum and the IB in international schools in Kenya and Peru. Now she returns to Brookhouse where she worked before as Teacher of French for five years before relocating to Peru. Evelyn is Passionate about Languages, and strives to make the language learning process enjoyable for her students.

Atieno graduated from the University of Glasgow with a Bachelor degree in Science. She then undertook a diploma course in special educational needs with a focus on learning disabilities. Over her 14 year teaching career, Atieno has taught all the year groups across the Preparatory School at   the Karen Campus of Brookhouse School. She has been Science Curriculum Coordinator for the Prep school as well as a boarding mentor.

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