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The President’s UK Scholarship Award is an annual full tuition and living costs undergraduate scholarship for a Kenyan student to study at a UK University.

  • Brookhouse International School contributes the tuition and boarding costs of the Foundation Year programme, undertaken here at Brookhouse School.

  • The Northern Consortium of UK Universities (NCUK) contributes the living and accommodation costs of the degree programme for the student in the UK and the host university contributes the tuition fees for the duration of the course.

  • Over the next few years this annual scholarship will provide 100 million shillings worth of support for young Kenyans to proceed to UK for degree studies.

  • Throughout the entire process of developing this scholarship programme Brookhouse, NCUK and the Ministry of Education have worked together to help young Kenyans from less advantaged backgrounds take full advantage of their academic potential.

  • The scholarship is available annually to one KCSE graduate from any school around the country who has achieved the highest academic standards and who would otherwise be unable to continue on to tertiary education.

  • Brookhouse International School and the Ministry of Education work in collaboration on the selection process for the scholarship recipient each year.


    Lilian Wamere (2006-2007)

    Lilian completed the NCUK IFY Science stream at Brookhouse with 3As and 1A*.  Lilian lost both of her parents whilst in Primary education.  The siblings were split up and Lilian joined a children’s home, where the owners sought sponsorship for continued schooling.  Despite many breaks in her education, Lilian achieved academic success.  Her leadership abilities were acknowledged at an early age; her poise and dignity have helped her overcome many obstacles. She has just completed her degree in Pharmacy and is now at Boots the Chemist completing her pharmacy training before returning to Kenya.

    - Masters in Pharmacy at Manchester University

    Jimmy Okoth Alele (2007-2008)

    Jimmy’s parents divorced when he was five years old.  His mother, a junior nurse on a low salary in a public hospital, remarried and went on to have five other children.  Jimmy was never welcome in his stepfather’s home and never received any financial support for his education. He went to live with his grandparents until his grandfather died in 2005. Despite these difficulties, his determination to succeed has been significant. In a class of 196 students in high school, he consistently performed among the top 20.  He is one of the most gifted junior actors in Kenya, playing leading roles in plays that have won the National Drama Festival for two years running.  He has also competed at national level of the Kenya Music Festival in the choral and solo verses.  He plays competitive handball and was a school prefect.  He got 2A* and 2As on the IFY Science stream at Brookhouse.

    - Actuarial Science and Mathematics at Manchester University

    Stephen Kiarie Waruiru (2008-2009)

    Stephen is one of a family of six children who lost their parents in the late 80s. He was only five years old when he was orphaned and as the youngest member of the family was under the care of his eldest sibling. The children depended entirely on the church for their daily survival. Stephen’s health kept on deteriorating until he and other members of the family were diagnosed with severe malnutrition. At this time he was referred to Dagoretti Children’s Centre in Nairobi for care and protection. Since primary school his academic performance was of an exceptional standard; he scored 362 out of 500 in the KCPE examination in 2003. He completed the NCUK IFY Science stream at Brookhouse with 3A's and a B.

    - Biochemistry at Leeds University

    Irene Njeri (2009-2010)

    Irene is an orphan, having lost her single mother when she was quite young.  Her grandparents, who are coffee farmers, took her in and although they struggle financially, they are responsible for her welfare.  Irene managed to be one of the top scoring KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) students which meant that she gained scholarship support to go to a top Kenyan school, Alliance Girl’s. She gained a high B+ aggregate in the final KCSE but her teachers were adamant that her grade would have been an A had she not been forced to miss school when bursaries were not met. She completed the IFY Programme with 2A’s and 2 B’s.

    - Law at Salford University

    Stacey Achungo (2010-2011)

    Stacey is an orphan. Her father died whilst she was a young girl and through various bursaries Stacey completed her 8-4-4 education at St Francis, Rangala gaining an A aggregate. She actually achieved a grade A in each of her subjects which is testament to her academic ability. She has a very positive attitude and always strives to give her best. At the time of the interviews she was working as a  cashier at a bank, which regularly supports top achievers. As she was attempting to support her elderly grandmother and two younger siblings. The youngest is just a year old as sadly Stacey’s mother died days after his birth. At the interview she gained the highest results in each of the tests and was a clear contender for the award. She gained four A* on the IFY programme.

    - Electronic and Computer Engineering at Sheffield University

    Francis Wangui (2011-2012)

    Francis’s mother left the family home, leaving him and his siblings alone with his father. When his father died he was forced to live in Kiracha slum and survived by making and selling charcoal. These difficulties have meant that he has relied upon well-wishers and bursaries for school fees.  One of these people ran a centre for children who were internally displaced, which gave Francis the chance to get off the streets and into school where he excelled. Francis completed his 8-4-4 education at Kiambu High School, gaining a mean grade A.  He achieved ‘A’ grades in all but one of his subjects.  At the time of the interviews he was assisting at a local school as a teaching assistant and his former Principal felt that had a lot to offer society if only he could realise his academic ambitions.  His high scores and eloquent interview gained him the scholarship, making him the sixth recipient of this prestigious award.

    - Mathematics and Business at Liverpool University

    Geoffrey Ochola (2012-2013)

    Geoffrey is the seventh International Foundation Year (IFY) President’s Scholarship student 2012-2013. He joined Brookhouse School in November 2012 as an IFY student. The Scholarship entitles Geoffrey to study at Brookhouse as a full boarder and enables him to pursue an undergraduate degree at a Northern Consortium (NCUK) university in the UK. Geoffrey and his two siblings were brought up by his grandmother when their father abandoned them in 2001. As a hardworking boy, he achieved high grades and joined Nyabondo Boys High school in 2007. His Principal, Mr. Were mentored him to ensure that this brilliant pupil had access to further education. He scored an A- in the 2010 KCSE examination and was placed first among 154 candidates. Due to financial constraints, he was unable to study Environmental and Biosystems Engineering at Nairobi University. Geoffrey then worked as an assistant teacher at a newly opened secondary school in Kisumu County-Western Kenya, until he joined us. His passion for education and hard work has made him seek out every opportunity to join a university. This September, Geoffrey will join Manchester University to study Civil and Structural Engineering. His long term goal is to help other vulnerable people in Kenya and beyond.

    - Civil and Structural Engineering at Manchester University

    Wilkister Ludenyi Kiyumbu (2013-2014)

    Wilkister is from a single parent family and lives with her mother in Tassia slums. Her mother runs a vegetable stall to support the family. She studied at Kayole Primary School and excelled in her KCPE examination as the top performer. Having attained an A- score in her KCSE from State House Girls, she then joined Brookhouse, where she carried out her duties as a school prefect with dedication and commitment. The academic support that Wilkister has received in her life has inculcated in her the importance of hard work and the need to always persevere in spite of the challenges she may face in life. Her long term goal is to help other vulnerable and underprivileged members of the society.

    -Economics and Politics at Sheffield University

    Carilton Maina (2014-2015)

    Our 9th IFY scholarship student is Carilton Maina. He was raised by his mother and an elderly grandmother. They live in Kibera in Nairobi. He scored highly in his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), and therefore earned a place in Maseno School (National High school) in Kisumu. He was sponsored throughout high school by Riziki Kenya, a Non-Governmental Organisation. He attained an A grade in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, sat in November 2013. He was admitted to the University of Nairobi to pursue a BSc Degree in Actuarial Science but was unable to attend due to lack of funds. Before he joined Brookhouse School, he was engaged in collecting and selling plastic waste from hospitals and other organisations in order to support his family. He also volunteered as a teacher at a local secondary school called Kibera Glory Secondary School. He attained 2A* and 2A in the NCUK International Foundation Year at Brookhouse School in June 2015. From September 2016, he will join Leeds University to study Electronic and Communications Engineering.

    - Electronic and Communications Engineering at Leeds University

    Nikhil Sunil Wason (2015-2016)

    Nikhil Sunil Wason is our 10th Scholarship student. For much of his childhood, he moved around several towns in Kenya, following his father's freelance career until when he was about 11 years old, they settled in Meru. During this time, Nikhil had to miss an entire year of school due to financial constraints. He managed to re-join school, thanks to support from Lions Primary School. He did his secondary schooling at Kaaga Boys High School, a public school in Meru and finished in November 2015, having achieved an overall grade A-. The family situation did not allow for Nikhil to pursue further education beyond KCSE. He joined Brookhouse School in November 2015 as a scholarship student to do the NCUK IFY course, achieving 3 A*s and a C grade. He will join Liverpool University this September to study Electrical Engineering and Electronics with a Year in industry.

    -Electrical Engineering and Electronics at Liverpool University.

    Dorris Nduku Waeni (2016-2017)

    On Wednesday 13th September 2017, Dorris Nduku Waeni, our 11th IFY scholarship recipient, received her scholarship award in a very special ceremony which took place at the Burudani Theatre. The highlight of the event was the most touching speech given by Dorris. This month, she will join Bradford University to pursue a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy. We congratulate her on this achievement.

    - Pharmacy at Bradford University

    For further information contact the Foundation Programme Director at:

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