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Welcome to Brookhouse Schools

Established in 1981, Brookhouse, Nairobi,  is a private, international school in Nairobi, Kenya and a pioneer of exceptional modern comprehensive education as the No.1 British Curriculum School in East Africa. 

Students gain unrivalled independent day education across two exquisite sites in the leafy suburbs of Karen and Runda, with premium boarding school provision extended to the Karen campus. Modern learning and teaching practices are illustrated throughout the School, with engaging world-recognised courses and exciting, extensive complementary activities designed to suit all age groups.

Every child is inherently unique. Therefore, highly-qualified local and internationally-trained educators enact a personalised teaching approach across Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form levels in a warm, multicultural setting.

The outcome of this child-centred methodology is outstanding. Brookhouse students achieve the best IGCSE and A-level results in East Africa (2022) and embody a strong value system, enabling them to build a robust foundation for future success and discover their full potential.

The School's graduates are at the forefront of an ever-evolving world, with tuition that equips them with broad-ranging knowledge, an international network and the confidence to effectively apply their talents, achieve their dreams and thrive as the leaders of tomorrow. 

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The Brookhouse Difference

British National Curriculum School

British National Curriculum

No 1 British National Curriculum School in East Africa offering a broad, creative, and unique future-focused curriculum.


Best IGCSE and
A-level results

 The best IGCSE and A-level results in East Africa (2022).

Multicultural international school

Multicultural international

 A welcoming, multicultural international day and boarding school with over 50 nationalities.

Premium boarding school

Premium boarding school

Premium boarding school education in East Africa across Karen campus.

Setting for success

Why choose our international school in Nairobi, Kenya?

Brookhouse International School provides a character-focused, values-driven education through a school-wide Global Citizenship programme.
As a Round Square school, Brookhouse promotes experiential learning opportunities for all students through local, regional and international experiences and excursions.
Student leadership opportunities are encouraged in the Brookhouse School community to ensure our graduates are well-prepared to thrive in leadership positions with humility and an appreciation of social responsibility.

Education & Learning

Academic Stages

Examination Results 2022

Outstanding academic results

At Brookhouse International School, we are proud that our students embody the school motto, “Learn to Excel”, and consistently achieve outstanding academic results in formal examinations.

Examination Results 2022

Press Release

best private school in Nairobi

Congratulations to the A-level Class of 2022 on their excellent results!

27 %
achieved A*
50 %
achieved A* to A
73 %
achieved A* to B


The leading international institution in East Africa for more than a decade.

Outstanding British National curriculum education in the East African Region.

An Inspired school

Committed to providing a modern, forward-looking education

As part of the Inspired Group, Brookhouse International School is committed to providing a modern, forward-looking education while remaining anchored in the culture and traditions of Nairobi, actively participating in the local community. 

While attending an Inspired School, Brookhouse’s local and international students benefit from the following:

Enable our learning and teaching community to immerse themselves in diverse learning environments, educational systems and skills.

Offer exciting opportunities for travel to other countries and work alongside peers attending other schools in the Group. Students form beneficial networks and build lifelong friendships while developing their social, language and academic skills by broadening their perspectives.

Enhance the teaching and learning experience while reflecting Broookhouse's commitment to delivering safe, effective, progressive educational opportunities in every lesson.

Guides Brookhouse's senior students towards their career and university goals. Expert university counsellors understand the requirements of local and international institutions while meeting individuals' needs to assist students in the application process. 

Including those in the US and UK, are highly-competitive, so Inspired has partnered with Arete Education and The Classroom Door to give prospective undergraduates the best chance of securing a place with the higher education provider of their choice. 

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a word from

Our Director

Guiding children to explore their individuality, expand their opportunities and fulfil their greatest ambitions. 

"I am constantly inspired by our young graduates. They emerge from their time at our international school in Nairobi with a truly 21st Century perspective as young global citizens, ready to contribute to society with a profound sense of justice, tolerance and understanding.

A Brookhouse education is more than just about gaining good grades, sporting prowess or artistic talent. It is about developing young people of good character who are armed with the courage, compassion and humility to really make a difference in the world. 

We look forward to guiding your child on their journey and celebrating their success."

— John O'Connor, Director



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