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BTEC courses suit students looking for a more vocational route to university study and/or a career in a specific area of interest. BTEC courses give students considerable freedom to display their creative talents, while developing their practical skills and knowledge base. Ongoing assessment with no end-of-year examinations ensures that students remain engaged throughout their course. The vocational learning style of BTEC courses is different from the more traditional routes. Students don’t have to work alone; group interaction can often play a part, for example through teamwork.

The BTEC Diploma is a full-time course of study lasting approximately 20-24 months. Classes are taught during the regular school terms on Mondays to Fridays between 8:00am and 3:35pm. Occasionally there will be extra activities or assessments during weekends or weekday evenings, necessitated by the course content.

The complete Diploma of 18 units is equivalent to three A-levels in the UK university entry system.


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About BTEC Courses


A BTEC course is assessed continuously through practical assignments and project work. It is not an exam-based course, and there is not a final examination at the end. Students are expected to adhere strictly to deadlines for submission of project work and assignments. These deadlines fall regularly throughout the course.



Students with an IGCSE or KCSE background are welcome to apply for a BTEC course. The application process may include the need to produce a portfolio of work or undertake an audition.



Applicants must have reached their 16th birthday. There is no specific upper age limit, but each application will be considered on individual merit regarding suitability for entry to the course. Older applicants will need to adhere to school environment expectations regarding behaviour and dress code.



Please apply using the standard school application form together with the Special Application Form for BTEC. Shortlisted applicants will be called for an interview. Interviews/auditions will take place on a date to be confirmed.




BTEC tuition fees are listed on the BTEC fees schedule (Click Here to download), and may be paid in termly installments throughout the course.

In addition to tuition fees, the following are also payable:

  • Brookhouse School Registration Fee (non-refundable)
  • Edexcel Registration Fee (once only) payable to Edexcel within 60 days of starting study
  • Caution Money (once only)
  • Transport fee (optional, if required)
  • (For BTEC Music only): Individual Performance Lesson fees with specialist tutors (instrumental or vocal)