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Yes. Our School is proud to maintain a vibrant, friendly, cosmopolitan setting. We celebrate diversity and have 50 nationalities represented in our student body. As with all Inspired Schools, we remain anchored in our community and aim to contribute to those in our internal and external environment positively. 
We welcome students who live locally in Nairobi, those who live outside the city, and those who attend our School after moving to Kenya from another part of the world.

Our maximum class size is 24 students. We are committed to offering bespoke education that centres on the experience of our students; therefore, Smaller class sizes ensure teachers deliver an optimal learning experience with personalised education while also supporting children's personal development.

As an Inspired school, Brookhouse benefits from access to global educational practices, world-class school facilities, learner interaction with fellow Inspired students, and the expertise of our renowned education experts - each of whom supports the Group’s ever-evolving methodology.

Yes. School Fees include academic tuition in addition to a healthy daily lunch.

A typical day at our international school begins at 8:15 am and ends at 3:35 pm. Additional activities may take place during lunchtime or after specified school hours and are subject to change.

Brookhouse is a No.1 international curriculum school, and as such, we regard foreign language acquisition as a critical element of our education for internationally-minded children and their families. To support bilingualism, the following languages are offered: French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Kiswahili. Language study is compulsory at the High School and IGCSE levels, and the A-level course also has language options available for selection.

Yes, Brookhouse students wear the full school uniform at all times. Please refer to the Uniform Handbook for details regarding our daily uniform and sportswear requirements.

Yes, there is a House system at the School with four different Houses. Each House may be identified by its specific House colour, name and identity, and the School employs the system to encourage friendly competition among students during whole school events, including Sports Day.
House system participation is a fundamental element of fostering a cohesive school environment. It aims to teach chivalry while educating children about the importance of celebrating hard work and being a gracious competitor - a core element of the value system at our School.

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