High School (Secondary) Education at Brookhouse

Our High School in Nairobi, Kenya, offers private, international secondary education at both Karen and Runda schools. Our dedicated team of teachers caters to the needs of 14 to 16-year-olds with a comprehensive High School programme. High School commences in Year 9 with 1 year of pre-IGCSE study. 

In Years 10 and 11, students undertake the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE). Upon completion of IGCSE examinations, High School students receive world-recognised qualifications, and an education that sets them on a path towards success.

high school programme

High School Curriculum

In Year 9, our educators actively prepare students for achievement in international examinations. Our High School curriculum is the same in content and structure as the UK National Curriculum delivered in secondary schools across England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

However, it is adapted to meet the needs of an international student community. Our students are inspired to thrive with a programme that offers broad, engaging, and immersive pre-IGCSE study. National Curriculum subjects include English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages, Art, Humanities, and Sports.

In Years 10 and 11, students undertake the IGCSE curriculum, a two-year Cambridge International accredited course that culminates in end-of-year examinations and coursework assessments. At this level, students study a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, and a Modern Foreign Language alongside optional IGCSE subjects. A typical IGCSE timetable includes practical lessons, regular excursions, after-school activities, inquiry-based classes, and pastoral tutorials.

High School Entry Requirements

Many members of our High School community receive the majority of their education within the Kenyan school system and choose to join us after their KCPE or KCSE examinations. Typically, new High School students will enter Year 9. However, admission is awarded on a case-by-case basis and is subject to general entry requirements and satisfactory KCPE/KCSE grades. Senior students, who meet the School's requirements and wish to join us in Year 12, may apply for admission to our A-Level programme.* 

To adhere to curriculum guidelines, we implement the northern hemisphere school calendar, which runs from August to June. In Kenya, the school calendar for KCSE schools runs from January to December.
Due to our academic year commencing in August, students who join us from a KCSE school will have missed a term of study. However, we often receive learners in these circumstances. Our High School teachers are happy to help facilitate the transition process and help learners familiarise themselves with our High School programme and pre-IGCSE subject material.

* Please note that in addition to meeting the standard application requirements, students who wish to attend our High School must have attained an average grade of C+ or above. 

Languages in high school

Languages at our High School

Given the focus on internationalism at Brookhouse, High School students are offered language tuition at the Secondary level. The High School language programme aims to develop students into confident bilinguists, who can communicate effectively in at least one of the following languages:

qualified secondary teachers

High School Teachers

Our highly-qualified High School educators prepare students for the academic rigour of IGCSE and A-level courses.
They are experienced High School and Secondary School teachers, and are committed to helping students achieve outstanding results through personalised learning. As enthusiastic subject experts, they also understand the requirements of the international curriculums that we offer. Our High School teaching staff welcome students from all over the world and provide additional assistance to those who require support to ensure each individual is well-prepared to succeed.

high school facilities

High School Facilities

At our High School, students enjoy access to modern facilities, including a well-resourced library. Designated study areas allow students to develop their independent research skills, while Group Work spaces are ideal for collaborative projects. The School's 'Bring-your-own-device' policy encourages students in Years 9 and above to use their laptops as learning aids.

In addition to personal digital equipment, a range of IT tools, such as iPads, featuring High School-specific apps, are widely available to support learning.

Extracurricular Activities at our Secondary School

High School learners may participate in an exciting selection of social activities, clubs, and sports teams. Our High School Extracurricular Activities Programme is led by passionate specialists, some of whom are external providers. Additional activities enrich the High School experience by reinforcing in-class lessons, and encouraging young adults to identify and develop their talents. Student leadership positions are also encouraged to foster responsibility, organisation, and management skills to help prepare pupils for university.

best high school projects

Round Square Service Learning Project

awards in secondary education

President's Award

drama classes in secondary school

Drama, Debating & Public Speaking


Choir, Orchestra & other Musical Groups


Individual Music Instrument Tuition


Environment & Wildlife Clubs


Aerobics & Gym

Model United Nations

Model United Nations




Our High School community participates in sports tournaments and inter-school events with other international High Schools around Nairobi. A full fixture of sporting activities helps to maintain student networks and build competition experience. Regular team training is open to anyone who wishes to enhance their skills. Sports coaching is offered in:












The Arts

High School productions are organised annually, and students may choose to either perform or assist in shows. Musically-inclined students may join one of the many High School choirs. The GLEE Club and the School orchestra also offer membership to those who wish to receive instrumental music practice and develop their creative talents.







Additional Services at our Secondary School

The School Bus Service is available to students who live off-campus. Bus routes offer convenient travel to and from suburbs in the greater Nairobi region. High School tuition fees include a daily selection of healthy and delicious meals.

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