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Our Kindergarten in Nairobi, Kenya, serves the youngest members of the Karen and Runda communities. It is the only Kindergarten in the region to offer the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Years learning alongside the Inspired Education Early Years Approach. Young learners aged 1 to 5 flourish with access to a holistic foundational education that embeds opportunities for exploration into daily practices and develops healthy, happy, confident children.

premium Kindergartens in Karen and Runda

Why Choose Our Kindergarten?

At our premium Kindergartens in Karen and Runda, we are proud to offer an engaging experience to young children of all abilities. Children experience personalised support from their very first day at our independent school. They are nurtured in an environment that seeks to validate them as autonomous individuals, and helps them attain wide-ranging foundational skills while enjoying a secure and expansive preschool setting.

Kindergarten options

Kindergarten Options

Our flexible approach to early learning assists families in designing a Kindergarten schedule to suit their child’s needs. 

Full-time, part-time, and flexible options are available. We also offer half-day and full-day timetables.

Parents may obtain details of availability from the Prep School office.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Kindergarten curriculum is delivered through a child-centred Reggio Emilia-Inspired Approach, an innovative framework for early childhood education. Each child is valued as strong, capable and resilient, with an innate ability for endless wonder fuelled by a desire for knowledge. Young children possess deep curiosity and unlimited potential to thrive as they begin to explore their expanding world and understand their place within it. Our Kindergarten programme also focuses on learning through social inclusion and group work to achieve remarkable outcomes for those in early years education.

In our Kindergarten environment, each child is an equal participant. As they develop confidence through play-based learning, young children understand the value of their contribution and gain feedback from teachers by asking questions to refine their communication skills in a dynamic and multi-faceted process.

Reggio emilia approach in child education

Communication Skills

A well-known aspect of the Reggio Emilia-Inspired Approach is the 'One Hundred Languages of Children', the belief that young children show their understanding and express their thoughts and creativity in numerous ways. Kindergarten teachers are adept at fulfilling the needs of learners and aim to encourage practical, positive communication skills to equip young language users with healthy methods of expression.

environment in early years school

Stimulating Environment

In our Kindergarten, early years educators augment learners' natural curiosity by fostering an enabling environment known as the "Third Teacher". We provide stimulating provocations and ensure rigour in the learning process.

experienced kindergarten faculty members

Kindergarten Teachers

Highly-experienced Kindergarten faculty members act as mentors and guides to help young children develop emerging skills. Within a programme of fun, participatory lessons, they observe children with their friends, listen to stories, respond to questions, discover interests, and provide youngsters with opportunities to explore further.

Extracurricular Activities at Our Kindergarten

To complement preschool learning, our captivating extracurricular programme offers a range of exciting, skills-based experiences. We offer clubs and afternoon activities within a casual social setting to help our youngest students acclimatise to the early learning environment. At the Pre-School stage, additional sessions enrich the syllabus, giving children the opportunity to develop new interests while strengthening their fine and gross motor skills.

Additional Kindergarten activities include:

kindergarten activities

Lego Club

preschool  class

ICT Games

early learning school students

Rollerblading Club

dance class Runda Karen kindergarten


childcare program


international preschool

Modern Dance

day care activities


early learning school extracuricular

Kindi Scouts

Jewellery-Making Club

Additional Services Offered at Our Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten learners may safely travel to and from campus with the supervised School Bus Service. Bus routes serve families in Runda, Karen, and other suburbs in the greater Nairobi region.

The cost of daily meals is included in the Kindergarten School fees.

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