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Education Meets the Metaverse: Brookhouse Schools Integrate VR Metaverse to Enhance Learning


By Josephine Njoroge

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to anything Virtual Reality. I didn’t really believe that VR could capture the true essence of reality, and make you feel like you’re completely immersed in a different world. I guess I stood to be corrected, and all it took was a personal virtual reality experience on an educational frontier.

The metaverse is upon us, and the way I see it, it’ll soon be as omnipresent as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook (now Meta). As technology advances to bring us new immersive and imaginary worlds, how we educate children and prepare teachers to meet these new opportunities really matters.

I recently had the honor of attending a groundbreaking event at Brookhouse Schools in Kenya as Inspired Education Group expanded its pioneering Virtual Reality (VR) and Metaverse-based learning program.



Stepping onto the Runda Campus on Wednesday morning felt like stepping into a portal to the future of education. As a journalist granted access to this futuristic event, I found myself captivated by the buzz of anticipation lingering in the air. The students were definitely anxious about what was about to happen. A virtual class of biology. The promise of merging technological innovation with educational excellence was palpable.

The Metaverse and virtual reality (VR) are related, but it’s difficult to compare them in a direct way. The Metaverse is a hypothetical platform currently in development, while virtual reality is a technology you can already use today.  You can be able to interact with the Metaverse through virtual reality, but the Metaverse is expected to extend far beyond the single technology of virtual reality.

Inspired Education Group, which is the global leader in premium education has set off with its initiative to expand VR lessons and metaverse at Brookhouse which, so far, is gaining quite a reputation. The initiative has been gathering momentum since its inception in March 2022, promising to redefine how students engage with academic material.


Ravi Nadasen, the Chief Executive of Inspired Schools Africa, during the launch at Brookhouse, articulated the vision behind this educational metamorphosis saying, “Learning should be engaging and immersive, enabling deeper and more effective learning. When VR is combined with the Metaverse, students gain access to activities that were previously beyond their reach. They can teleport to distant places, travel through time, and experience 'once-in-a-lifetime' scenarios from their classrooms. This approach motivates students, aligning with their digital gamified worlds, while instilling a profound love and fascination for learning."

Eric Mulindi, Brookhouse Karen's Head of School, emphasized the forward-thinking nature of this initiative adding, "Our classrooms are no longer static entities confined by four walls. Through the amalgamation of VR and the Metaverse, we're creating dynamic, interactive ecosystems where subjects come alive, inviting students to explore, question, and understand in ways previously unimaginable."

The crux of this educational revolution lies in the marriage between technology and pedagogy, a fusion that redefines the boundaries of conventional learning. But perhaps the most awe-inspiring session for me while experiencing VR metaverse was when I delved into the intricacies of the human heart during the demo biology 101 class. Suddenly, I was inside a beating heart, witnessing its rhythmic contractions firsthand. Veins and arteries intertwined around me, pulsating with vitality. It was a visceral experience that brought a newfound appreciation for the complexity and beauty of the human body.

During the event, I had the opportunity to engage with students already experiencing these VR-based lessons. The sheer delight sparkling in their eyes was undeniable. They spoke fervently of their newfound ability to touch the unreachable, to witness history unfold before their eyes, and to dissect the mysteries of the natural world as if they were its custodians.



One young student, in particular, shared an anecdote that encapsulated the program's impact. "I felt like an astronaut exploring the cosmos when I learned about space. It's not just reading or watching videos; it's living the lessons," said the student.

The VR-based sessions that I managed to experience during the event weren't just educational; they were transformative. They redefined the boundaries of learning, making it an experiential journey rather than a passive acquisition of information. Through this immersive medium, students weren't merely consumers of knowledge; they were explorers, adventurers in their own right, navigating uncharted territories of learning.

Leaving the event, I couldn't help but reflect on the potential of this transformative educational experience. It wasn't just about biology; it was about a paradigm shift in how we approach education. It was about kindling the flames of curiosity, nurturing a genuine passion for learning, and paving the way for a generation of students empowered by boundless knowledge and endless possibilities.

Moses Lutta, Brookhouse Runda Head of School noted, “Embracing VR and the Metaverse can help bridge geographical and cultural gaps, opening up opportunities for global collaboration and understanding. Students can interact with peers and educators from around the world, fostering a more interconnected and diverse learning community. This initiative is undoubtedly a step towards creating a dynamic and future-ready learning environment that nurtures creativity critical thinking, and adaptability in students."

The expansion of the VR and Metaverse-based learning program at Brookhouse Schools marks a monumental leap towards an educational landscape that's not just transformative but transcendent. The fusion of technology and academia has birthed a new era where learning isn't confined to textbooks but extends into an immersive odyssey, promising a generation of students a future fortified by boundless knowledge and limitless possibilities.