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Guiding children to explore their individuality, expand their opportunities and fulfil their greatest ambitions. 

"I am constantly inspired by our young graduates. They emerge from their time at our international school in Nairobi with a truly 21st Century perspective as young global citizens, ready to contribute to society with a profound sense of justice, tolerance and understanding.

A Brookhouse education is more than just about gaining good grades, sporting prowess or artistic talent. It is about developing young people of good character who are armed with the courage, compassion and humility to really make a difference in the world. 

We look forward to guiding your child on their journey and celebrating their success."


exciting practical STEAM lessons

40 Years of Experience

Brookhouse School is proud to serve the professional, business and diplomatic communities in Runda and Karen, Nairobi. Our reputed independent institution offers a wide range of subject choices, small class sizes, experienced, committed teachers and a multidisciplinary programme of additional sports, cultural and academic activities. 

We aim to prepare our learning community for a fast-changing world. Our School cultivates an integrated, holistic setting that encourages the transfer of skills across multiple subjects. In daily learning, cross-curriculum referencing expands understanding and ensures education remains relevant and memorable to adequately train students for future study.

Our 40-year experience shows that long-lasting knowledge is effectively gained through an enjoyable process of discovery, which is why our passionate educators reach teaching objectives by bringing the syllabus to life. Teaching staff organise regular excursions to places of historical and cultural significance, design exciting practical STEAM lessons, and invite guest speakers to assemblies. They also employ experiential techniques, such as role-play and drama, to demonstrate key concepts.

Brookhouse History

Founded in 1981 by the Puxley family, Brookhouse School was initially a small British-style preparatory school in the Nairobi suburb of Karen.

A Secondary section was added in 1984.

The Brookhouse Boarding House was developed in 1997.

At the beginning of 2001, the School undertook Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation, distinguishing itself against other institutions by adopting best practices in global education.

A key milestone for the School was its 2006 membership to the Round Square organisation, a global family of schools committed to Kurt Hahn’s holistic educational philosophy.

To maintain the highest international standards, the School undertook accreditation with the UK's IAPS (Independent Association of Preparatory Schools) in 2008.

Brookhouse hosted the international 2012 Round Square conference in Nairobi, Africa, welcoming schools from around the world.

Brookhouse was honoured with an invitation to join the ‘G-30’ group of eminent schools in 2013.

Brookhouse was given the honour of hosting the inaugural Presidential debates for Kenya, a milestone in the country's evolving democratic process.

Brookhouse joined Inspired in 2015, a leading global group of premium schools.

Brookhouse hosted the annual Headteacher’s gathering for the G-30 Schools group in 2017.

Our second Brookhouse campus opened in Runda, a residential suburb north of the city, and a sister school to the Karen campus.

Brookhouse Runda Campus officially opened in 2018.

Official opening of the Brookhouse Runda Library by Her Excellency, The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta in 2019.

Brookhouse celebrated the best IGCSE & A-Level examination results in 40 years in 2020, in addition to achieving the best overall performance in East Africa.

Brookhouse celebrated its 40th Anniversary since opening in 1981.

high-quality, UK curriculum

UK Curriculum

Brookhouse is committed to offering a high-quality, UK curriculum education to all learners aged 1 to 18 years old who attend Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form divisions at the Karen and Runda campus. 

A reputable Primary education is delivered according to the Primary Years syllabus outlined in the UK National Curriculum and is suitable for learners up to Year 8.

Modern High School Education

Our modern High School education is broad-based and inclusive of additional language tuition, PE and art, preparing children in Years 9 to 11 with wide-ranging subject knowledge. Year 9 study follows a framework similar to the UK National Curriculum, while Years 10 and 11 are taught the Cambridge-accredited IGCSE programme

The Sixth Form division is inclusive and accepts new students and former Brookhouse attendees. 16-year-olds may tailor their course subjects to meet their needs and choose between two curriculum pathways, each lasting 2 years - the A-level course and the vocational BTEC course.

modern UK education

A Path Towards Success 

At our School, our mission is to deliver world-leading, modern UK education underpinned by traditional values to help children achieve academic excellence and personal fulfilment.

Our vision is to enable the full potential of our students by fostering a secure and supportive school environment in which they can explore multiple opportunities for academic and personal growth.

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