Round Square, G-30, CIS & IAPS

As part of our mission, we aim to ensure students gain a progressive, internationally-focused education of the best quality. Access to a diverse network of schools, learning institutions and governing bodies helps further the opportunities of our student body, in East Africa and abroad.


Building Connection Through Collaboration

Round Square is a worldwide association of schools that share unique and ambitious goals. Students attending Round Square schools across 5 continents make a firm commitment, beyond academic excellence, to their personal development and social responsibility. Member schools participate in service learning projects, exchange programmes and adventurous activities.

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Student Exchanges & More

Our international school in Nairobi is a member of the Round Square network of schools, enabling student exchanges with other Round Square Schools, access to international conferences and collaboration in International Service (RSIS) projects.

Round Square schools are founded on the ‘Six Pillar’ philosophy of educator Kurt Hahn. They are:













Citizenship Award

The Round Square IDEALS are integrated into teaching and learning through the Discovery Framework and the Citizenship Award at Brookhouse.

The Award develops servant leadership skills, service learning engagement, commitment to the processes of internationalism and democracy, undertaking adventurous challenges and environmental stewardship.

The Citizenship Award aims to:

  • Highlight and strengthen ‘soft skills’ that are transferable and specifically beneficial to curricular learning, as described in the Discovery Framework
  • Cultivate various aspects of intelligence - including emotional, social and cultural aspects, in addition to developing self-esteem and resilience
  • Encourage reflection as a life-long habit
  • Develop specific interests, talents and abilities
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G-30 Global Education

G-30 Schools are a worldwide association of prominent schools, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and innovation in global education. G-30 Schools attend an annual conference, bringing together leading school Heads to consider critical issues facing education in the 21st Century.

Membership is by invitation only.

In 2017, Brookhouse hosted the G-30 Heads conference with the guest of honour, The First Lady of Kenya, Magaret Kenyatta.


CIS & IAPS - What Is the Aim of These Organisations?

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is an association of international schools from across the world. Schools gain accreditation by achieving the highest standards in learning and processes to deliver a world-class international education to pupils.

The Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) is a UK-based organisation designed to ensure that a high-quality learning environment is maintained at the Preparatory School level.


Why Did Brookhouse Seek Accreditation?

Any school can tell parents and the broader community that it offers outstanding education. However, we want external and independent agencies to conduct inspections and evaluate our practices. School inspections enable us to demonstrate our efficacy in providing quality educational opportunities for the young people in our care.

As an Accredited School, we are:

  • Devoted to our mission
  • Accepting of objective assessment
  • Constantly seeking to improve
  • Student-orientated
  • Planning for the future


Brookhouse Achieved Accredited Status By:

  • Undergoing preliminary visits to determine readiness
  • Completing rigorous self-studies
  • Hosting teams of professional evaluators
  • Meeting the standards for accreditation
  • The friendly, student-centred atmosphere
  • Pervasive evidence of the School striving for excellence
  • Our teachers' commitment and loyalty to the students
  • The management's vision in developing the School so successfully
  • An attractive, spacious, safe, secure and clean school environment
  • Our pastoral systems and extra-curricular programme

A CIS inspection is exceptionally rigorous and assesses each area of school life. IAPS inspections provide a focused opportunity for the Preparatory section of the School to undergo a rigorous self-study, followed by an accreditation visit.

Accreditation Has Value

Brookhouse is accredited by CIS and IAPS, providing parents with assurance regarding our education. In addition to undergoing rigorous self-assessment, the School has been evaluated by a team of experienced professionals, meets high academic and professional standards, and is subject to regular visits and monitoring by external agencies.

The School is registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Education. It is also fully accredited by the AQA, Edexcel and Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Boards, all of whom oversee the delivery of our UK Curriculum provision.

Patrons - Inspiring Young People

Brookhouse Patrons are esteemed individuals who "Inspire young people through the calibre of their contributions to the society".

Appointing Patrons allows the Brookhouse community to celebrate the human spirit in various roles and endeavours.


Hon. Dr. Moody Awori

Elder Statesman Dr Moody Awori is a former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya.


Dr Manu Chandaria

Captain of Industry and philanthropist Dr Manu Chandaria is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Comcraft Group.


Tegla Loroupe

World Champion Tegla Loroupe is a Kenyan long-distance runner and a global spokeswoman for peace, women's rights and education


Henry Wanyoike

Paralympic Athlete Henry Wanyoike is one of the world's most accomplished Paralympic runners and a world-record holder in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres.


Dr. Eddah Gachukia

Educationalist and entrepreneur Dr. Eddah Gachukia is the founder of a successful group of private schools and a university in Kenya.


Dr Mary Okelo

A pioneer in business and education, Dr. Mary Okelo was the first woman bank manager in Kenya and the founder of a successful group of private schools.


Dr. James Mwangi

Banker, businessman, philanthropist and 2012 World Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner Dr. James Mwangi is the Group MD at Equity Bank.


Dr. Paula Kahumbu

Renowned conservationist and wildlife expert Dr. Paula Kahumbu is one of Africa's leading advocates in the campaign to save endangered species.


David Rudisha

2012 and 2016 Olympic Gold medalist David Rudisha is a Kenyan middle-distance runner and world-record holder in the 800 metres.


Masai Ujiri

Masai Ujiri has built a reputation as the best NBA executive, and his fans call him the Greatest Of All Time. As President of the Toronto Raptors, he created a period of sustained success, helping the team win its first NBA championship in 2019.

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