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Brookhouse is a proud member of the Inspired Group, a world-leading global group of premium schools with a presence across 5 continents.

Brookhouse students connect and learn alongside over 70,000+ other learners across 80 schools via inter-school opportunities, international sports tournaments and transformative student exchanges that take place in 23 countries. 
Educators and the Leadership Team at Brookhouse also benefit from Inspired membership. Modern practices in teaching and learning methodology draw from the educational and management expertise of specialists within the Group and reinforce career progression and project collaboration undertaken by faculty.

Among the highest-performing in the world

Child-Centred Education

Among the highest-performing in the world

Inspired schools are among the highest-performing in the world. Delivering modern education to children aged 1 to 18, the Group invests in long-term learning with access to modern school facilities, expert-led music and sports practice, specialist educators and internationally-respected programmes - all of which equips children with an unrivalled education and the ability to apply their knowledge to their external environment. 

With innovative, child-centred educational provision a vital aspect of the Group’s mission, Brookhouse, along with other Inspired Schools, regularly achieves leading rankings in national and international league tables. Notably, the distinctive pedagogical approach fostered within the Group not only leads to outstanding academic results at Brookhouse, but also enables graduates to progress to some of the most respected universities and careers in the world.

Academics, Performing & Creative Arts and Sports

Inspired’s Three Pillars of Approach

Inspired’s Three Pillars of Approach is a crucial aspect of our framework, comprising Academics, Performing & Creative Arts and Sports. Combined with fantastic extra-curricular activities, age-specific social programmes and resolute pastoral support, our students approach their learning with excitement and translate their enthusiasm for learning into building a path towards achievement.

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