Primary (Preparatory) Education in Nairobi

As our young students cross the drawbridge and enter the doorway of the enthralling Brookhouse Primary School castle, they experience an exploratory approach to learning. 6 to 13-year-olds receive a high-quality British primary education in the Kenyan capital. They uncover their individuality, discover wide-ranging subject knowledge, and participate in school life with enthusiasm.

Our international Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya, encourages an inquiry learning approach, providing children with a robust British Curriculum in an uplifting setting that fosters broad-based academic skills and imagination through creative hands-on lessons.

Primary School Curriculum

Primary School Curriculum

Our Primary School in Nairobi provides a stimulating learning environment. We offer structured academic, physical, and social opportunities while encouraging children to actively participate in their learning through a balanced blend of independent tasks and teacher-guided group work. 

The primary years framework follows an adapted form of the British Curriculum, whereby students study various subjects, including Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Physical Education, Music, a Modern Foreign Language, and ICT.

Common Entrance Examination

Primary years students undertake assessments in English, Mathematics and Science at various stages to monitor pupil standards and ensure learning objectives are met. In addition, children sit a major assessment at the end of Year 8 to mark the transition to Secondary School at age 13+.

The Common Entrance examination allows us to track individual progression and ensure members of our Primary School community are equipped with the skills needed in High School.

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Languages at Our Primary School

Given the focus on internationalism at our School, the Primary division offers the study of a variety of languages, including:


Primary-level language lessons focus on familiarising learners with structural and vocabulary knowledge to encourage confident speaking, listening, and writing skills in an additional language.

preparatory school facilities

Primary School Facilities

Our Primary School facilities are augmented to meet the needs of the primary years community. The stimulating environment of the modern, spacious library area is central to the learning experience, helping our young students embrace a love of reading and strengthening their research and study abilities. Children in all year groups are encouraged to explore our three-floored, well-equipped Learning Resource Centre during and after-school.

We aim to offer an innovative, relevant education to children who attend our Primary School, and they succeed with access to advanced technological resources and traditional classroom materials. Digital learning is further enhanced with a comprehensive array of IT tools, including interactive online platforms, music and arts programmes, and the regular use of numerous learning apps on our iPads.

Extracurricular Activities at our Primary School

As part of the IAPS circuit, Primary School learners are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams. Supplementary activities enrich the primary years learning experience and offer children the chance to develop an early interest in sports and art while building social skills.

Club Options

Most club activities are offered either at lunchtime or after school. Pupils have a vast number of engaging options to pique their interest. Prospective participants may select up to three clubs from the following:

preparatory activities sculpture


best ballet program in preparatory school


learn cookery in preparatory schools


prep school steam program


prep school lego club

Lego Club

prep education rollerblading club

Rollerblading Club

preparatory class on jewellery making

Jewellery Making

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best Drama classes in prep education

Drama & Public Speaking

Sports Programme

Our Primary School students maintain contact with other independent schools around Kenya through a full fixture of inter-school tournaments and matches in major sports. At the Primary-level, sporting events are arranged according to age. Our young community members may access a regular schedule of sports team training.

We provide specialist-led sports coaching in:









school athletics




Arts Programme

Our Creative & Performing Arts programme offers students the opportunity to perform in termly and annual Primary School productions. At this level, children may join one of the School choirs, including the GLEE Club. Those who wish to do so may also participate in the Primary School music programme and undertake solo voice and instrumental lessons to develop their musical talent.

Inter-school recitals take place each year as part of broader cultural events. Musical collaboration with local Runda and Karen Schools, and other Nairobi-based Preparatory and Primary Schools in the area, expand our students’ network and strengthen the regional school community. Our Primary School is active in the following areas:

preparatory school music


preparatory education drama


art in preparatory school


drama in preparatory education


Additional Services at Our Primary School

Our School Bus Service is available to those residing in the greater Nairobi region, offering supervised transport to our Primary School pupils. An up-to-date bus timetable may be obtained from our Reception Team.

The cost of daily school meals is included in Primary School fees.

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