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School Community

It is important that whilst within our School environment, learners feel safe as this enables them to fully explore their environment and develop healthy relationships with others. We aim to support all members of the school community in collaboration with their families. At our international school in Nairobi, we recognise that children cannot achieve their potential unless they are happy and secure. 


guidance on academic, social, emotional issues

Student Well-being

Form Tutors and class teachers monitor all aspects of daily progress. Working alongside them are Heads of Year, who are responsible for designating year groups into bands to reflect their developmental stages and oversee general educational practices.

If a parent wishes to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress, Form Tutors and the Head of Year will usually be involved in meetings and will be happy to offer insight to best support in-school learning.  

Occasionally, students may require the support of the School Counsellor, who advocates for student well-being. The Counselling Team provides professional guidance on academic, social, emotional and personal issues.

Policies & Guidelines

balance academic progress and free time at home


At the Preparatory level, regular homework tasks are set to ensure learners effectively balance academic progress and free time at home. Homework as the child grows older and parents can expect that an increased amount of homework will become essential during periods before examinations. At the Secondary level, homework and private study become an increasingly vital element as the child progresses through the School.

Internal and formal assessments


Internal and formal assessments serve four main purposes. They indicate pupil achievement and help us decide personalised learning objectives that provide future achievement goals. Additionally, assessment outcomes help us identify each pupil's strengths and opportunities for growth, and determine streaming placement in core subjects.

Importantly, assessment results enable teachers to judge the effectiveness of each course and evaluate the breadth and depth of coverage taught during a specific period or topic.

A wide range of methods is used to assess student performance. A cycle of formal tests helps to gain an in-depth view of learning across many areas. Teachers also refer to homework, classwork, research projects, field trips, practical work and discussions to determine student progress.

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