Student Transcripts and Records

Student transcripts indicate the overall grade in each subject throughout a child's education and can be used to track progress over time. We also maintain records of student involvement in extra-curricular activities so that upon graduation from Brookhouse, we can write a thorough reference and detail key elements of a student's experience at the School.


Value of Collaboration

School reports indicate progress made during the school term. Students receive an overall grade for each subject in term reports, which typically outline learning objectives and developmental challenges specific to each child. Report contents are further discussed with parents and guardians at parent-teacher consultations at the end of each term.

Regular meetings enable families to ask questions and gain information about their child's education. We understand the value of collaborative efforts between School and home and encourage regular communication through informal visits, Parents Evening and end-of-year conferences.

Education is most effective when there is a strong partnership between teachers and families, and parents are always welcome to visit us to discuss any issues relevant to their child's education. To ensure the availability of staff members, we advise parents to arrange an appointment. To book a meeting at the School for a pre-allocated time, fill out the enquiry form below, and we will be happy to fulfil your request.

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